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Saturday, 1 June 2013


Hi, I am Soima Otsuka, 17 years. I was actually hesitant about making a blog at first because I felt it was a pointless attempt to make my life a little more interesting. But in the end, I decided to anyway, I just had so many ideas, philosophy, and random junk in my head that I felt the need to empty my head a little. And so I chose to start blogging instead of bottling everything up. 

First of all, I'm a person that seeks interest, I'm tired of saying "I'm bored" and "I've got nothing to do" When in truth, all the interesting things are just secretly lurking out there waiting to be discovered. And thus, I have little to no friends at all, I feel the constant need to know and understand things I'm simply not ready for. Have you ever had those "deep thought" moments, I have them at a relentless basis, I always put myself in a bad mood because I cant figure out "why?" 

I can go on and on, but I think I'll settle for just one idea for now, I might scare my readers away by my constant moments of weirdness. One of the biggest things I don't understand at all is none other than "love." Its an idea that I don't process at all in my head, why do people love each other? Why is love so precious? I'm simply annoyed at the fact that I don't understand, why do so many teenagers and some adults regard "love" as something taken lightly, they love, break-up, then desperately look for it again. 
It leads me to think, what is going on in they're heads when they finally decide to say "yes" to a relationship?Did they make a commitment to love, not anybody else, but only that special one forever? I've seen so many couples break up because of an unprecedented misunderstanding, why doesn't either side put in any effort to save their "love"? Why do they stand idly by giving each other the cold shoulder? 
Why are they holding onto their pride?

I'm going to stop asking so many questions, my head is about to burst. There's a common phrase that goes like this: "win the battle, lose the war" You can't love another when your pride comes first, if you truly love somebody, you will fight for it. One thing about love, it is an idea that behaves weirdly, It *can* turn the wise to foolish and the kind to hate, or it could bring you this overwhelming peace and reassurance. But one fatal mistake most people make is rushing into it, love is something that comes naturally, something you build up through time, and remember this; this chase for love comes at a price, even if you have that "love forever" mindset, the other person might not, don't beat yourself up when you get friendzoned or rejected. 
Thinking far ahead is the key to this, all because you don't find that perfect match in high school, you still have college and alot more to look forward to. 

It would be pretty stupid to say "forget your past, and keep walking towards the future" It is an idea I myself don't quite agree with. Remember your past, acknowledge it happened, and let it be there to guide you in your future, don't let it trap your freedom, turn what appears to be bad to something good. Hope you enjoyed my little idea, I'll have another ready as soon as possible.  (ノ^_^)ノ


  1. Ah~ I think love is difficult, as it's a little different for everyone, but people rush in a lot because of loneliness. They can pretend they don't see flaws at first, and then will feel trapped by them later. If you are lonely, love is hard, but if you have many friends and don't worry about finding it, it's very easy. Ironic, no?

    1. I agree 100% with you, it is very ironic actually, but sometimes loneliness might not be a bad thing either. Sometimes, I'm blind to all those people around me that care, and that ignorance is self-inflicted loneliness. Thanks for the comment, it was great moral support. (^-^))