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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kendo "( (≡|≡))_/ \_((≡|≡) )" Life Update no.1

Recently, after reading Kurogane (KEZAWA Haruto) Manga, I have been unseemly obsessed with Kendo, I feel like I too can become a "Hero" and fight with nobility, wielding swordsmanship skills unparalleled to all of mankind. Just kidding, but the part about being seriously obsessed with Kendo isn't a joke. I realize I get easily influenced by Manga and books I read, like the time I joined rollerblading shortly after finishing the series of Air Gear.

Back to Kendo, I was originally going to join the Kendo club just out of town. But I bumped into an obstacle of humongous magnitude: convincing my parents I had what it takes. My parents, as in my mother, isn't exactly obligated to let me join because of the several blunders I made with my previous request. I picked up piano and guitar at a young age, but my progress didn't quite match up. After 8 years of intense piano training, I'm still stuck at 6th grade piano level because of my pathetic skills at side reading, but my electric guitar on the other hand, is doing quite fantastic, I'm actually going to have a concert in Times Square nearing November, I will post more details later about this event.
Back to Kendo (again), for starters. I began watching hours and hours of just simple Kendo matches on Youtube, learning whatever I could before I get into the real stuff. I even went to Maeda Yoshida, former captain of the Genki Kendo Club for advice and help on the basics. I learned all the commands in one day, I feel pumped and energized, cant wait for my first taste of Kendo.
I'll update you guys about Kendo as soon as possible. What do you think about Kendo? Email me at or comment below. 
The Manga's I talked about earlier can be read online from or
Feel free to visit these websites for the ultimate Manga expierience. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) 

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