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Sunday, 9 June 2013

One-Sided# Life Update no.3

Hello, sorry for not posting anything for almost 3 days. I was actually really busy these few days with other stuff. It's abit of a long story, but it had alot to do with Kendo; when my father came home from his Comrades Marathon in Africa, I was excited to know his approval of Kendo or not, I had waited 2 weeks for his return. That night at dinner, we had a discussion about consistency, but in the end, he agreed upon letting me join the Kendo Club. 

As soon as I got approval, I searched up on google contact numbers, location, training schedules...etc. Of all the available days, the only open day for lessons had to be on Sunday, but I had no complaints. But my parents, on the other hand, did not "encourage" me to take lessons on Sunday, as in basically saying to just quit. Of course, I had opposed to this and decided I was going to join Kendo anyway. The only real reason, or excuse, for them not wanting me to take lessons on Sunday is because they wanted me to spend "family time" with them, "family time" as in me looking after my sister as they enjoy their noon naps, or perhaps lazing around as we have a movie marathon. I have really no objections to it, but wanting me to quit 2 hours of Kendo, for the sake of just one day of "family time" is  over the top for me.

Anyway, the time had come for me to finally join the Kendo club, Sunday was only a night away. When out of nowhere, my mother threw a fit about why I had to join Kendo and all that, after I had explained to her so many times. (It's not only because of my Manga inspiration) It came to a point, when I needed my fathers help, she was shouting and getting all red in the face; at first, my father seemed understanding and said he would talk to her and calm her down. Shortly, the whole scenario flipped on me, now my father was also opposed on me joining Kendo. It is said:"if the woman of the house is not happy, nobody is." 

After having a one-sided talk with my father, it concluded that I had to prove to him I had what it takes within a week to join the Kendo Club. I was angry, no doubt, I am an impatient person at heart, and it wasn't going to be easy to wait for another week, time goes by slowly when you are looking forward to something. To calm myself, I closed my eyes for a bit to rest, I was exhausted and eventually fell into deep sleep, when I woke up Sunday morning, I felt like I wasn't going to give up there and let my parents succeed with this scheme they so cunningly put out. I cleaned my room, which I so seldomly do, and practiced piano until my parents came back from lunch. They convieniently  forgot to get some food for me, so I ended up eating Choco pies for both breakfast and lunch. (つД`)ノ

Anyway, I'll update you as soon as possible. Have your parents ever tried to stopped you from something you love or feel compassionate about? Email me at or comment below. 

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