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Sunday, 9 June 2013

One-Sided# Life Update no.3

Hello, sorry for not posting anything for almost 3 days. I was actually really busy these few days with other stuff. It's abit of a long story, but it had alot to do with Kendo; when my father came home from his Comrades Marathon in Africa, I was excited to know his approval of Kendo or not, I had waited 2 weeks for his return. That night at dinner, we had a discussion about consistency, but in the end, he agreed upon letting me join the Kendo Club. 

As soon as I got approval, I searched up on google contact numbers, location, training schedules...etc. Of all the available days, the only open day for lessons had to be on Sunday, but I had no complaints. But my parents, on the other hand, did not "encourage" me to take lessons on Sunday, as in basically saying to just quit. Of course, I had opposed to this and decided I was going to join Kendo anyway. The only real reason, or excuse, for them not wanting me to take lessons on Sunday is because they wanted me to spend "family time" with them, "family time" as in me looking after my sister as they enjoy their noon naps, or perhaps lazing around as we have a movie marathon. I have really no objections to it, but wanting me to quit 2 hours of Kendo, for the sake of just one day of "family time" is  over the top for me.

Anyway, the time had come for me to finally join the Kendo club, Sunday was only a night away. When out of nowhere, my mother threw a fit about why I had to join Kendo and all that, after I had explained to her so many times. (It's not only because of my Manga inspiration) It came to a point, when I needed my fathers help, she was shouting and getting all red in the face; at first, my father seemed understanding and said he would talk to her and calm her down. Shortly, the whole scenario flipped on me, now my father was also opposed on me joining Kendo. It is said:"if the woman of the house is not happy, nobody is." 

After having a one-sided talk with my father, it concluded that I had to prove to him I had what it takes within a week to join the Kendo Club. I was angry, no doubt, I am an impatient person at heart, and it wasn't going to be easy to wait for another week, time goes by slowly when you are looking forward to something. To calm myself, I closed my eyes for a bit to rest, I was exhausted and eventually fell into deep sleep, when I woke up Sunday morning, I felt like I wasn't going to give up there and let my parents succeed with this scheme they so cunningly put out. I cleaned my room, which I so seldomly do, and practiced piano until my parents came back from lunch. They convieniently  forgot to get some food for me, so I ended up eating Choco pies for both breakfast and lunch. (つД`)ノ

Anyway, I'll update you as soon as possible. Have your parents ever tried to stopped you from something you love or feel compassionate about? Email me at or comment below. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I have finally decided to add more authors to the idea family! Recently, I was busy with recruiting, and I found two in particular, amazing authors. One of them is a book writer and specializes in fantasy genre stories, another is a bright culture student from Genki. More details will be given about these two authors soon. I really look forward to bringing this blog alive and sharing all these wonderful ideas and stories with you guys. Please Recommend, Subscribe, and Join our welcoming community, email me at for more details about the news.

-The culture student is already set on joining, but it's a different story regarding the storyteller. News will be updated as soon as possible, thanks for reading!

Summer Time#Life Update no.2

My summer holiday just started a few days ago, and i'm actually surprised how fast the year flew by. It feels as though everything happened in just a matter of days. Not exactly the best year, but I feel I have lots to remember and take away through this passing time. 

I could  still remember the Christmas banquet, it is sort of like an end of the year prom, I asked this senior, not naming any names for extra precaution, so we're just going to call her Aniki. I asked Aniki on a beautiful sunny day, I was nervous, I dressed up especially nice, expensive ice cream in right hand, and teddy bear on my left, I had prepared a month in advance for this extremely special moment. 

I walked in, got on my knees, and asked her on the spot; my heart was racing, I  felt like time was slowing down for climax. And she placed her hands to her mouth in surprise, and said:"I am so flattered, of course I'll go with you." I was overjoyed, It was almost unbelievable, the most beautiful girl was going to the prom with me, I can finally feel proud about something. And for the next few days, some of the guys were cheering me on and congratulating me, It felt tremendous, I felt like I climbed Mount Everest and won the Nobel prize at the same time. 

Shortly, after a full two weeks, Aniki went on a senior retreat, and I didn't get to see her until a week before prom. When she got back, I bought more of her favorite coffee ice-cream to greet her journey back, and when she saw me, she told me this:" Since this is my final year, I would like to go with someone else in my senior class." My courage was deeply scarred on that day, I felt like a fool, and I couldn't help but feel lament and sorrow; though I was sad, I couldn't bring myself to hate or feel angry towards her, one part of me felt selfish that I asked her on her final year.

It is down to only a few days before the prom, I had decided not to go, I had even crossed out my name in the couples list. But then I saw this girl (no name used) so i'm going to call her Nagi (Hayate the Combat Butler Manga) Nagi was a shy girl, and she was rejected several times before in her previous proms and probably felt the same way as I did, unwanted and unloved. So I walked up to her and asked casually if she would go to the prom with me, not out of sympathy, but out of loneliness that we both share, and she said yes. 

Nagi was a very nice girl, and she looked dazzling at the prom, I didn't understand why she would be rejected in the first place. I had many other things, but I'll leave those for another time. Now, I am actually happy Aniki rejected me, because I wouldn't have asked Nagi otherwise. I am glad that there was a happy ending for me, and I could close my year with no regrets or sad memories. Thank You Nagi! 
Did you have a happy ending to your school year? Any regrets or sad memories? email me at or comment below. o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Unfinished Book

High School, a time of maturity, when the years of innocence are at an end. When I was a middle school student, I had always looked forward to graduating, joining a varsity team, or maybe even getting a job. But freshman year has said something entirely different otherwise, I didn't' realize how people have changed so much, people you thought were your friends, people you thought you could trust. The true nature of everybody unveils before you, and to be honest, I'm not quite ready for that change. All my close friends from middle school began to grow apart, and you can't really change anything, I felt utterly powerless as one by one, my friends began to drift far, far away from me. 
At the same time, I've got other things to worry about, homework and test begin piling up like never before. Things get a lot harder especially when you've got nobody to back you up, it was fairly lonely in the first few months. But then I met my best friend, Kai Fraser, he's half Japanese, half Australian; he's the quiet and shy type, from then on, life became that much more interesting and brighter for me. We had a special type of friendship, sharing in similar interest and growing our bond everyday, It was nothing compared to the normal middle school friendships. 

I can only say this out of experience, but when you are lonely, find a reason to not be; get a hobby you enjoy, busy yourself with extra-curricular activities or events. Don't let yourself be sad over a few broken relationships, relax and enjoy what you have. And when the time comes for that special friendship, don't let it slip away easily. One thing that kept me going up through freshman year was that I never stopped looking forward to the future. Yeah, sometimes things don't go the way you anticipated, sometimes life just lets you down, but never let that change how you view your future. Hope you liked my little idea about starting High school.Be strong! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 

How did your first year of High school go? email me at or comment below. ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

I have actually been planning this before, but I am planning to ask for another author to join in my little idea blog, I will update you on details soon. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Kendo "( (≡|≡))_/ \_((≡|≡) )" Life Update no.1

Recently, after reading Kurogane (KEZAWA Haruto) Manga, I have been unseemly obsessed with Kendo, I feel like I too can become a "Hero" and fight with nobility, wielding swordsmanship skills unparalleled to all of mankind. Just kidding, but the part about being seriously obsessed with Kendo isn't a joke. I realize I get easily influenced by Manga and books I read, like the time I joined rollerblading shortly after finishing the series of Air Gear.

Back to Kendo, I was originally going to join the Kendo club just out of town. But I bumped into an obstacle of humongous magnitude: convincing my parents I had what it takes. My parents, as in my mother, isn't exactly obligated to let me join because of the several blunders I made with my previous request. I picked up piano and guitar at a young age, but my progress didn't quite match up. After 8 years of intense piano training, I'm still stuck at 6th grade piano level because of my pathetic skills at side reading, but my electric guitar on the other hand, is doing quite fantastic, I'm actually going to have a concert in Times Square nearing November, I will post more details later about this event.
Back to Kendo (again), for starters. I began watching hours and hours of just simple Kendo matches on Youtube, learning whatever I could before I get into the real stuff. I even went to Maeda Yoshida, former captain of the Genki Kendo Club for advice and help on the basics. I learned all the commands in one day, I feel pumped and energized, cant wait for my first taste of Kendo.
I'll update you guys about Kendo as soon as possible. What do you think about Kendo? Email me at or comment below. 
The Manga's I talked about earlier can be read online from or
Feel free to visit these websites for the ultimate Manga expierience. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) 


Hi, I am Soima Otsuka, 17 years. I was actually hesitant about making a blog at first because I felt it was a pointless attempt to make my life a little more interesting. But in the end, I decided to anyway, I just had so many ideas, philosophy, and random junk in my head that I felt the need to empty my head a little. And so I chose to start blogging instead of bottling everything up. 

First of all, I'm a person that seeks interest, I'm tired of saying "I'm bored" and "I've got nothing to do" When in truth, all the interesting things are just secretly lurking out there waiting to be discovered. And thus, I have little to no friends at all, I feel the constant need to know and understand things I'm simply not ready for. Have you ever had those "deep thought" moments, I have them at a relentless basis, I always put myself in a bad mood because I cant figure out "why?" 

I can go on and on, but I think I'll settle for just one idea for now, I might scare my readers away by my constant moments of weirdness. One of the biggest things I don't understand at all is none other than "love." Its an idea that I don't process at all in my head, why do people love each other? Why is love so precious? I'm simply annoyed at the fact that I don't understand, why do so many teenagers and some adults regard "love" as something taken lightly, they love, break-up, then desperately look for it again. 
It leads me to think, what is going on in they're heads when they finally decide to say "yes" to a relationship?Did they make a commitment to love, not anybody else, but only that special one forever? I've seen so many couples break up because of an unprecedented misunderstanding, why doesn't either side put in any effort to save their "love"? Why do they stand idly by giving each other the cold shoulder? 
Why are they holding onto their pride?

I'm going to stop asking so many questions, my head is about to burst. There's a common phrase that goes like this: "win the battle, lose the war" You can't love another when your pride comes first, if you truly love somebody, you will fight for it. One thing about love, it is an idea that behaves weirdly, It *can* turn the wise to foolish and the kind to hate, or it could bring you this overwhelming peace and reassurance. But one fatal mistake most people make is rushing into it, love is something that comes naturally, something you build up through time, and remember this; this chase for love comes at a price, even if you have that "love forever" mindset, the other person might not, don't beat yourself up when you get friendzoned or rejected. 
Thinking far ahead is the key to this, all because you don't find that perfect match in high school, you still have college and alot more to look forward to. 

It would be pretty stupid to say "forget your past, and keep walking towards the future" It is an idea I myself don't quite agree with. Remember your past, acknowledge it happened, and let it be there to guide you in your future, don't let it trap your freedom, turn what appears to be bad to something good. Hope you enjoyed my little idea, I'll have another ready as soon as possible.  (ノ^_^)ノ