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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Summer Time#Life Update no.2

My summer holiday just started a few days ago, and i'm actually surprised how fast the year flew by. It feels as though everything happened in just a matter of days. Not exactly the best year, but I feel I have lots to remember and take away through this passing time. 

I could  still remember the Christmas banquet, it is sort of like an end of the year prom, I asked this senior, not naming any names for extra precaution, so we're just going to call her Aniki. I asked Aniki on a beautiful sunny day, I was nervous, I dressed up especially nice, expensive ice cream in right hand, and teddy bear on my left, I had prepared a month in advance for this extremely special moment. 

I walked in, got on my knees, and asked her on the spot; my heart was racing, I  felt like time was slowing down for climax. And she placed her hands to her mouth in surprise, and said:"I am so flattered, of course I'll go with you." I was overjoyed, It was almost unbelievable, the most beautiful girl was going to the prom with me, I can finally feel proud about something. And for the next few days, some of the guys were cheering me on and congratulating me, It felt tremendous, I felt like I climbed Mount Everest and won the Nobel prize at the same time. 

Shortly, after a full two weeks, Aniki went on a senior retreat, and I didn't get to see her until a week before prom. When she got back, I bought more of her favorite coffee ice-cream to greet her journey back, and when she saw me, she told me this:" Since this is my final year, I would like to go with someone else in my senior class." My courage was deeply scarred on that day, I felt like a fool, and I couldn't help but feel lament and sorrow; though I was sad, I couldn't bring myself to hate or feel angry towards her, one part of me felt selfish that I asked her on her final year.

It is down to only a few days before the prom, I had decided not to go, I had even crossed out my name in the couples list. But then I saw this girl (no name used) so i'm going to call her Nagi (Hayate the Combat Butler Manga) Nagi was a shy girl, and she was rejected several times before in her previous proms and probably felt the same way as I did, unwanted and unloved. So I walked up to her and asked casually if she would go to the prom with me, not out of sympathy, but out of loneliness that we both share, and she said yes. 

Nagi was a very nice girl, and she looked dazzling at the prom, I didn't understand why she would be rejected in the first place. I had many other things, but I'll leave those for another time. Now, I am actually happy Aniki rejected me, because I wouldn't have asked Nagi otherwise. I am glad that there was a happy ending for me, and I could close my year with no regrets or sad memories. Thank You Nagi! 
Did you have a happy ending to your school year? Any regrets or sad memories? email me at or comment below. o(^^o)(o^^)o わくわく Thanks for reading! 

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